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Child Neglect

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Protecting A Child's Wellbeing

The Law Office of Mathias Chaplin has the experience, knowledge and skill to handle all aspects of your child abuse case or child neglect cases. Attorney, Mathias G. Chaplin can meet with you personally and provide a free initial consultation to discuss your situation.

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Child Neglect


If DSS has contacted you about your child, you need to know your legal rights and options. The Law Office of Mathias Chaplin has proven experience in assisting people with DSS defense throughout South Carolina with accusations of child abuse and neglect or who are under investigation by DSS. Sometimes, allegations of child abuse can result in a DSS investigation, a criminal case and a family case all at the same time.

Child Abuse & Neglect

Work with an attorney who has your family's best interest in mind.

The law views those charged with a crime to be innocent until proven guilty. Unfortunately, those accused of child abuse are often considered guilty right away. Prosecutors, judges, law enforcement officers, neighbors, employers, and others are quick to assume that someone charged with abusing a child did it without any proof.

It is important for anyone charged with child abuse related crimes to contact an experienced South Carolina child abuse lawyer immediately upon arrest. The Law Office of Mathias Chaplin will fight to clear the accused person’s name and win back their reputation.

Importantly, a skilled family violence attorney can protect someone’s constitutional right to a fair trial in the courts, defending them against unjust judgment outside of the courtroom.